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04jun202211Pyrenees to MedThis is the event subtitleType:Vacation7 days1480 EUR

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From the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean

It is hard to believe how much the landscape and culture can change in 140km. Our run from the North side of the Pyrenees in the French Catalonia to the Catalan Mediterranean in Spain is a trip into Narnia.

We are going to run up to the Mythical Mount Canigó, sacred mountain of the Catalans, traverse the roof of the Pyrenees and descend into fairytale villages, eating great (that word is overused a lot, not in this case) local food and visit the beautiful Girona, and arrive to the cristal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea to eat a good paella.

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7 days and 6 nights


1480 EUR

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1. Vacations

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