If you are part of RTWA tribe you can nominate!

Adventure runners

If you have run with us in Costa Rica, The Costa Brava, Morocco or the Pyrenees.

Helping us select the right runners.

They'll be getting 100USD discount in their trip and you too.
Why only RTWA Tribe members can nominate?
What we do is hard to describe, running from place to place, … you mean a race?, … so it’s a tour,… why would you do something like that?. But if you’ve joined us before you understand exactly what this is about and that is priceless.

Who is a good person to be nominated?.

We put a lot of effort into trying to select runners who join us, we are super ambitious, and picky, yes, we would like to have only people who are ready to enjoy this a 100%, and that requires I guess certain kind of attitude. That’s when you come into the picture, you know your friends, You now your friends, you who would be a good team minded person.

How does this work
Step 1: Let them know
Talk to them, just let them know that you think he/she is a RTWA Tribe kind of person.

Step 2: Share this.
Share one of this 3 pictures in their social media profile.

Step 3: Let us know.
We will contact them just to say hello, and invite them to join us.

What do you get?
100 USD discount
Next time you join one of adventures, even if your friend doesn’t end up ever running with us you’ll be having a 100USD discount over the rest of universe cost of the running adventure or expedition.

This is a compliment
Isn’t it? and it comes with a 100USD discount for your friend in case they want to take part.

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