The story behind our running trips - Running adventure guides.

Pablo and Cristina

Husband-and-wife team of Pablo and Cristina Rodriguez live in Girona, Spain.

After working for some years in their formal jobs, Pablo as a IT specialist and I (Cristina) in a travel agency, we finally quit their jobs and make our passion our way of living.

Pablo and Cristina

Pablo is originally from Costa Rica, Cristina from Catalonia and they are based in Girona and Costa Rica, they have 4 boys.

Combining their experience and expertise in running and travel has allowed them to create unique running vacations in the Costa Brava.


Costa Brava, Costa Rica,
Morocco and the Pyrenees

5 years later, as a demand from clients who had already run in la Costa Brava and were willing to run again with Pablo, the company grown as was time to create Run the World adventures, offering running adventures in Costa Rica and Morocco too.

Running Adventures groups

Our trips running trips are...

In Costa Rica, Pablo runs in the deepest South Pacific Jungle, together with other friends, professional guides who used to be in triathlon world too.

We both have been in love with Morocco since so many years ago, after years of travelling and running the country they finally felt ready to offer the destination too. Together with Abdu, another ex-professional runner and one of the best guides from the country 
4 countries 4 adventures, each of them different.

Group running in a Castel

We really like running but...

We don't think of running as a sport but just as the most efficient mode of transportation for getting to know a location.

We feel that the destinations our legs lead us to are more than just magnificent scenery; they are primarily about the people who live there, their food, culture, and music. 

Local runners

When we say local, we mean this

We feel that you cannot explain a place to outsiders unless you are a local, and being a local means being able to say things like "here is my children's school" or "say hello to my grandmother."

Each trip, which you can book privately or join a small group, showcases a region’s most beautiful and unique aspects. Some trips may be customized to match your ability level or ideal balance between time spent running versus exploring the destinations and culture along the way.

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