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Map of itinerary of a running trip in the jungle.
Looking for a path in the Costa Rican Jungle
Costa Rica Scout

How we found the trail to connect the Mountain of the Death (Cerro de la Muerte) to the Pacific.

Group of adventure runners in a river in Costa Rica
Presenting RTWA Tribe
News Adventure runners

RTWA Tribe ? Run The World Adventures Tribe is a family of adventure runners or which is the same everyone who had ever taken part

Two expedition runners in the desert in Morocco
If you are part of RTWA tribe you can nominate!

RTWA Tribe? Run The World Adventures Tribe is a family of adventure runners or which is the same everyone who had ever taken part in

Man listening to drums in the desert
What makes Atlas to Sahara adventure mind blowing?
Running Trip 

Morocco – Running Adventure What my friend Abdu Oukioud showed me in the Atlas Mountains back in 2017 was an open door to his world.

group of runners jumping in the Atlas Mountains
A crazy trail running company that do things upside down.
Our company  Cristina Moret

Why upside down? Well… because instead of trying be likable we just think about ourselves. Yes!, we do what we love and then try to

Runner jumping in an adventure
Why I Stopped Running Races
Guide Pablo Rodriguez

Is racing killing running true meaning? How a former professional triathlete discovered his love of running after he quit racing By Pablo Rodriguez When I

Group of runners in the Girona Cathedral
I am a lucky man, my hobby is my job
Guide Pablo Rodriguez

I’m a lucky man, my hobby is my job, how did this happen is part of another story, but at this point in my

L5 S2 column injurie of a runner
What do you do after being told you will never run again?
Guide Pablo Rodriguez

My doctor told me never to run again. So what did I do? I turned running into my job. The Dangers of a Sedentary

Farm in Morocco, girls running
Last news – School
Guide  Abdu Oukioud

Abdu Oukioud: January 14 at 11:56 AM We finally started buildingIt’s been 2 years trying to make this dream come true The Tables had arrived.

Reasons a running vacation is better than a destination marathon with two runners in the dolomites
7 Ways A Running Vacation is Better Than a Destination Marathon
Running Vacations  

Is traveling to another country to run a marathon the same thing as going on a running vacation? We, the travel experts at Run

Atlas desert mountain with green valley
Tuda, a little girl that gave meaning to our running
Morocco     Running Adventure

In March 2017, while scouting the area in between the atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert in Morocco with my friend Abdu Oukioud something spectacular

Group of adventure runners staring a the se
Jane Lelean an inspirational success
Running Costa Brava   Review

“I don’t know what I’m doing here, I hate running, I can’t stand it, I don’t know how to enjoy it” We were all by

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