Pyrenes to Med Running Adventure

France & Spain

From The Mountains to the Sea

It is hard to believe how much the landscape and culture can change in 140km.

Our run from the North side of the Pyrenees in French Catalonia to the Catalan Mediterranean in Spain is a trip into Narnia.

The Canigò

This is a trip that connect the two Catalonias the one in France and the one in Spain, the trip is based in a Epic Poem.
Connecting the North and the South of the Pyrenes had always been a dream to us.

Running Adventures people in a River in Costa Rica

This Running Adventure 

We will start about 60 km North from the French Spanish border and start running South to the top of the Pyrenes and then towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Running Adventures people in a River in Costa Rica

7 days - 6 nights

130KM Approx.


All accommodations, transfers , breakfast, dinners, guiding, and daily luggage transportation are included in the price.

The running path

We spend the first 4 days crossing the Pyrenees, day 5 we get to Girona, on day 6 we finally make it to the sea and on the 7 we run by the Coast.

Running Adventures people in a River in Costa Rica

The itinerary

From the North of the Pyrenees into the Mediterranean Sea

Running day 1 Eus

Day 1* - The Vinyards

  21km (450)

* First running day, the day before we will all sleep in Girona We will be starting on the French side of the Pyrenees heading towards Prades, the town at the bottom of Canigo Mountain. We’ll be passing by vineyards and beautiful medieval villages. At night we’ll find some time to try the local wine.

Top of the CAnigo

Day 2. The Canigó

26 Km (1900↑)

From Prades the Canigó will look gigantic. This is the longer day, you better set your mountaineer mindset on but thank goodness one mountain refugee will be serving us lunch on our way to the top. (Lunch ->Siesta). Depending on the weather we might have snow at the top of the mountain. After getting to submit the summit, we will descend into the Cadi Valley and will spend the day in Marialles mountain refuge.

Group of runners in Besalu

Day 3. The Roof Of The Pyrenees

18km (1900↑)

Oh the joy of running in the mountains!, We’ll keep aiming South, to get to the beautiful Pla Guillem , a flat area at the top of the Pyrenees where running will be a pleasure. The last part of the day we’ll start descending into the Tec Valley, were one of my preferred towns in the world is, Prats de Molló. Ready for some gourmet french cuisine?

Cliffs in Catalonia

Day 4. The Border

20km (592↑| 707↓)

We’ll be passing the French-Spanish border, even if both sides are Catalonia.
Strong ascent in the first pass of the day and then… a pleasant descent through meadows of gentians, iris, and asphodels, passing by ancient mountain villages in our way Camprodon.
Pastries, Cava, Wine, embotits, which one is better?

Day 4, runners in Girona Cathedral Stairs

Day 5. The Medieval Villages

20 Km (350↓)

We’ve already made it deep into the South Catalonia, but there is a place I want to show you, so will get in the van just for an hour. I will leave this one as a surprise.
Anyway, we’ll be spending the night in our city, Girona.

Day 4, runners in Girona Cathedral Stairs

Day 6. The Getting to the Sea

26 Km (350↓)

OK, can you feel the sea getting closer?
To get to the Mediterranean we have to pass the Empordanet first, a valley full of Medieval Villages, ending by the Sea.

Fideu a good meal for runners in the Costa Brava

Day 7. The Mediterranean Sea

16 Km (380m)

After so many hours of running, all the way from the North side of the Pyrenees, we are going to make it to the sea. Please don’t lose the opportunity to tell local where we are coming from.

Runners reviews

Their experience taking part in this adventure

2011 – 2022

Santa Van

Don Sims

about 3 years ago

Incredible journey running with Pablo and the tribe from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea! We had a blast, and would totally recommend RTWA for your next running adventure! 

Jody Yoken

Jane-Ellen Wiens 

about 2 years ago

My husband and I loved our trip. Running along the Mediterranean was magical. The daily landscape was different each hour. Running into a small town and grabbing a cold beer was amazing. The food people and accommodations were great.
Make sure you bring your trail shoes and large water pack with snacks. I highly recommend this adventure trip.See more.

Bret Lang

Betsey Goering

about 3 years ago

My husband and I have done two Run the World Adventures! Pyrenees to Med and Running Costa Brava. They were the 2 best vacations we've ever had! Running is the best way to see the world and Pablo & Cristina work hard to make your experience incredible! 


Frequently asked questions


All accommodations, transfers (not from airport to hotel or hotel to airport), breakfast, dinners, GPS and tracking devices, local guides, and daily luggage transportation are included in the price.


It does not include personal travel insurance, lunches, or guide tips. It also excludes any entry fees to optional sites or attractions. We strongly advise you to carry a credit card with you in case of personal emergency.


Mediterranean cuisine is widely regarded as the world's healthiest diet. From fresh meat to fresh fish, pasta, olive oil, and good wines.
If you know there will be a lot of foods you can't eat, you might want to bring some extra snacks from home to keep your energy levels up. Being a vegetarian, vegan, or having other dietary requirements is usually not a problem as long as you let us know ahead of time. You are welcome to bring your own energy bars if you are accustomed to them or believe you would benefit from them.

Also, because we are traveling through two countries and many different areas, the cuisine and wine will change.


Every day, your luggage must be moved in the van. Once you arrive at the hotel, you will need to move it to your room because the hotels we use are small and usually do not have a lift, only stairs. Please keep that in mind. Also, because space in the van is limited, we limit each runner to one suitcase/backpack. If you decide to continue your journey after the adventure and need to bring more luggage, please let us know and we will store it for you during the week. You should also bring a small camel bag with you every day to store your water, phone, sun cream, and anything else you think you'll need while running.


We love little places run by locals; that's the only type of accommodation we use, and it's combined with homemade food that will make you feel at home; on day two, we sleep in a mountain refugee.


Yes, our rates are based on double or triple occupancy. There is a 60 euro/night supplement for singles.


The adventure



If we had anything in mind when we opened the route, it was to avoid as much pavement as possible. We are proud to say that trails make up 98 percent of the terrain you will run on. Because we will be traversing the Pyrenees, the terrain will vary from high mountain ranges to Mediterranean valleys with single trails.


Normal running gear, summer gear, or warmer gear, depending on the time of year. We usually do this running adventure in June, but it can get cold in the high mountain passes near 3000 m elevation. Please bring sunscreen. You don't need to dress up every day when you arrive at your destination! It will be fine in flip flops, shorts, and tees. Remember to bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, and camelback. For the next seven days, there will be no laundry service.


Everyone should have some blister plasters and a small first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency in the hotel.


We eat breakfast first thing in the morning, and the next time we eat is after the running is done. Some runners require food while running; if this is the case, please bring your own energy bars, nuts, pocket money, or whatever you believe you may require.


It depends a lot on the month, but it should be nice and sunny most of the time. You can always look it over before you come.


Because this is a running adventure, you must be a runner. Not a super runner, but someone who has run a half marathon or who goes for a ling run twice or three times per week.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: this isn't a race.

We encourage runners to go at their own pace. As a result, if we have different levels in the same group, we provide GPS to those who are faster or slower.


Yes, early in the morning, that’s why we strongly recommend sleeping the night before in Girona. Those runners who decide to arrive the same morning should know that departing time is what is and we can not have another group of people waiting for those who have not arrive for any delay on trains, traffic or whatever.


We encourage you to tip your guides if you believe you received excellent service and had a great trip.

The Country


Euros are the official currency in Catalonia (on both the French and Spanish sides).
The country does not accept US dollars. We recommend that you bring cash in euros for your small drinks when we stop running. The simplest way is to exchange them at the airport. Aside from lunches, there are no additional expenses for this trip, but you may want to bring cash for souvenir shopping or nightlife. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, and ATMs are available in Girona.


A valid passport is required; it must be valid for at least six months after returning from Spain. There is currently no visa requirement for citizens of the United States or Europe.
Citizens of other countries may be required to obtain a visa. Please contact your local embassy or passport office for more information.


Aside from any Covid requirements, you must have received a Tetanus injection within the last ten years.

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