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Morocco - Costa Rica - Spain - France

We are Pablo & Cristina We believe running is the human way of travelling. 

4 running destinations 

Our running adventures  will take you to discover and area like you can only do it by running.  

Running Vacations featured by TrailRunner Magazine
Runners by the Mediterranean Sea the Costa Brava

Atlas to Sahara


Meeting those whose live in this area is the main goal of this adventure, no access to wifi or even electricity for days, no alcohol, no hot water sometimes, still sound good? you may be one of us!           

Runners in the Costa Brava

Running Costa Brava 


This is our dear Running Costa Brava event the one we’ve been organizing since 2011. Featured in many magazines, this is the product of almost a decade of experience in Catalonia, our home country.   

Running adventure in the Pyrenees

Running Adventure
Pyrenees to Med 

France & Spain

We are going to run up to the Mythical  Canigó, sacred mountain of the Catalans, traverse the roof of the Pyrenees and descend into fairytale villages, eating gourmet cuisine & local wines.

Running vacations by a river in Costa Rica

South Pacific Jungle 

Costa Rica

Starting from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica, the famous Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of the Death) and making our way to the Pacific Ocean, by the densest and remotest Costa Rican jungle.

Why should you join 
our running vacations?  

Because there is passion behind our trips, what we do is our life and we love it.

Because we are just sharing with you our world, our friends, our family, because we don't do tourism but something more ancient, that holds more value, we use are legs to travel and also because...

Running guides Pablo and Abdu


Best in the world in our field 

Abdu Oukioud, Sergio Sanchez, Pablo Rodriguez, Siddar Soto, Jordi Gerones all of them world class specialist, leading us through their home lands.

Runners by the Cathedral


We were just getting ready for you

Please read the runners reviews, they will tell you what this experience is about. 



It's about the local people.

We are the best in our field, since 2011, hundreds had run with us, we call them RTWA Tribe, those who had ever run with us in one or our running destinations.

Running Magazine about our running adventures


Hundreds of runners before you

Since 2011 10's of Magazines had written articles about us. National Geographic Adventure, Runner's World, Trail Running, Magazine

Fideua in Cadaques


We run just to get hungry

We care about the places we run by, because we call them home. We live there with our family in Catalonia, Costa Rica and Morocco. Those who we meet in our trip are the reason we run.


The story behind this running vacations company

In 2011 we created our running trips company as a mean to support us and our four boys. Our company had changed our life in ways we would never foreseen.
We believe you can not show a place to others if you’re not local, and be a local means that you should be able to say “this is my kids school” or… “say hello to my grandma”.

Running vacations creators Pablo and Cristina

We have
some rules 

This are a few running vacations rules

We try to get those who join us to experience what we did when we first discovered the areas we run by, so don't expect us to give us all the details.

Trust us, read the reviews.

- We feel an immense amount of respect for the people that live in the jungles, beaches, mountains and deserts we run by.

If the bar is open we have a beer.

if there’s a waterfall we go for a swim.

Say Bon dia, Buenos días, Azul, Bonjour, Salam... Morning

We don't take pictures to children, neither give them gifts.

We believe those joining these adventures most have eyes to see and learn, this is not tourism.

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Pablo and Cristina Moret, running guides

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