Runing Adventures Calendar

2024 -2025

These are the running trips that we had been developing for
over a decade, with hundreds of runners participating before you.

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Costa Rica


Starting from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica, the famous Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of the Death) and making our way to the Pacific Ocean, by the densest and remotest Costa Rican jungle, this is what our South Pacific Jungle expedition is about

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This is a running adventure away from our time, like getting inside a movie. 14 runners and 3 expedition leaders will become Berbers for a week, crossing the Atlas mountains from north to south.

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This is our dear Running Costa Brava event the one we’ve been organizing since 2011. Featured in many magazines, this is the product of almost a decade of experience in Catalonia, our home country.

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In our Pyrenees to Med adventure we'll  run up to the Mythical Canigó, sacred mountain of the Catalans, traverse the roof of the Pyrenees and descend into fairytale villages, eating gourmet cuisine & local wines. We will start from the South of France and will finish by the Mediterranean in Catalonia, Spain

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