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Best food for trail adventure runners 

We are not just a running company!; we have been saying this for years, and all of our clients can attest to it. This is true for a variety of reasons, one of which is the cuisine. Besides all the running you'll be doing, we provide you with a gourmet experience while you're here and we make certain that this occurs at all of our locations. 

Let me explain: Costa Brava (Spain) cuisine has nothing to do with Costa Rican or Moroccan cuisine.
My point is that food only tastes like it does when consumed in its own country. This is something with which we have actually experimented lots of times. As a family who has lived in Costa Rica and Morocco, our children understand that we would never prepare what we cooked in our home in Costa Rica or Morocco at home in Catalonia. Local cuisine remains in place since it does not taste as delicious outside of its area. In Spain, we will never prepare platanos maduros!

So, all of this is to say that no matter which destination you choose for your running trip, you will always have a unique culinary experience.

Spanish cuisine

In Spain, we jump from one nice and well-known restaurant to the next. You'll be able to learn about the Mediterranean diet benefits, small portions and very well-presented dishes. Nice rice, cultivated in the same village where you'll be eating it as well as delicious gelatos and cakes prepared with seasonal fruits. You'll also discover how we eat bread, which is a Catalan characteristic (pa amb tomàquet).

Moroccan food

In Morocco, we do not eat at fancy restaurants because there are none in the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert; instead, we eat in extremely familiar places or at their houses. We can see the woman who made the cuscus we eat or the freshly baked bread. It's a very organic and ecological cuisine. They cook what they have; we are unable to eat fish in the mountains or desert. Morocco's gastronomy is a combination of unique spices very uncommon for all of you. This food, very different from the one we are used to, is excellent. The meat is fresh, and the bread is hot, straight from the oven. And the tea! this will become your favourite drink.

Costa Rican food

In Costa Rica we get extremely traditional Costa Rican meals when crossing the jungle. Everything comes directly from the soil, from the beans to the coffee we drink. We do go to certain restaurants here once we reach the coast, but still not fancy and with very typical cuisine, the ones that locals use. In Costa Rica, we eat a lot of delicious fresh fruit, as well as batidos made with water or milk.

We are running just to get hungry

So, despite the fact that this is a running vacation and you will be running many miles per day, you will most likely gain an additional pound or two, but given the effort put in, I suppose this is more than acceptable, isn't it? 
So,at the end of the week, when runners ask me to recommend a culinary book from the country that is translated into English for them to take back home, my response is always the same: sorry guys, but this won't work, food will never taste the same there as it does here, don't waste your time and money on that!

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