6 reasons why we are the craziest trail running company in the world.

Cerro de la Muerte Running Exploration

Group of runners on their last day in our South Pacific Jungle Expedition in Costa Rica.

Or should we say we are not really a company?

We are not a company because we don't have clients, but runners, when you come running with us you become part of out team, we become a group of friends hanging out for a week is some beautiful corners of the world.

Because instead of trying be likable we just think about ourselves.

For more than a decade we've done it this way, we do what we love and then try to find those like us, our idea is always travelling from point A to point B seeing a place like absolutely no one can other than runners, no matter how much money someone wants to invest in a trip they will never get close to the experience we prepared for our running groups, we our just showing them our lives.

These are our values We stick to them

1. Be a local matters 

Runners by Girona

Running is social

We are locals in the 4 different sites of the world we run in. We can show an area because we belong to it.

We create running adventures and expeditions that are unique because they have our signature, they have a piece of who we are, they are the results of many years of exploration, we grew up on those trails and our kids are running them.

2. Running means this 

We believe that running is nothing more than a humble mean of transportation, we don’t care about calories, performance or heart rate, we are about traveling by foot. Our goal is to get running back to its origins as a mean of discovery.
We believe we are social animals, we run as a team, different pace sometimes but no one is left behind. Humans are tribal, we are a tribe of adventure runners.

Runners on a Beach in Costa Rica

The people we meet in our runs our a privilege.

3. Respect, never feel entitled 

We feel an immense amount of respect for the people who live in the jungles, beaches, mountains and deserts we run by. We believe those joining our adventures most have eyes to see and learn, people have different ways in different cultures we believe that’s pretty cool. So that’s why we use local families accommodations, because local people is the reason we run to those place.

4. Embrace the day 

If the bar is open we have a beer, if there’s a waterfall we go for a swim, If someone offers tea we say yes.

We don't run to exercise, we run to be in the place and the moment where things happen and then to be able to say, YES!!

Group of Runners

If there's a waterfall we go for a swim

We always say that we only eat to be hungry, and it is true, food is largely the center of our adventures, a Tajine in Morocco, a Red Pargo (fish) in Costa Rica, a Paella in Catalonia are the reason why we run.

Every place is also it's food, so expect to have extraordinary good quality meals.

6. Staff is gold

For more than a decade creating our adventures we have found extraordinary people like Abdu Oukioud and Sergio Sanchez, they are our greatest treasure, knowing them is a privilege.

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