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This 6 days running adventure will take us from the highlands of Costa Rica to the Pacific Ocean, discovering the real Costa Rica, in a way few had ever seen.

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Trip info

Our legs will take us from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica  to the Osa Peninsula in the Pacific. (including drives)

We will sleep every night in an amazing new place. The runs will include stops to swim in the sea and rivers ponds or talk to people we meet.
Every few miles assistant points will be set by our staff to help us get to our destination.

9 to 12 miles per day

Running by old kind of landscape from the mountains to the sea, every day a new scenary

Adventure Holiday

This is not an expedition, is more about the enjoyment than the physical challenge

May 29th - June 5th

8 days in total, we'll need one day to leave the area where will be finishing our adventure.


1795 USD


The itinerary

Ok so lets talk about this, those of you who know me will tell you that I try to keep must of it as a secret, but here's a bit of it.
We'll be meeting in a nice hotel in San Jose close to the airport, where Sergio and I will give you a speech about the itinerary, We'll go to sleep early.

1. The Cerro de la muerte

Costa Rica is a place we want to know, so what if we start from the top? Early in the morning we'll drive to Cerro de la Muerte (translate it), where we'll start a big descending and descending and descending.
One of the most beautiful things about this day, is to see how the jungle transform it self while we run, so stopping and having a look is mandatory. Also if we are lucky and the clouds let us perceive it, we'll get to see the Pacific, our destination on day 4.

2. This is about the coffee

What I like more about our trips is that we always run for a reason, and this day will about meeting Doña Noire and Don Orlando and their family, the'll be our host that nigh. But to get to them we will first need to connect to places that are not connected to each other, unless you take a path that few know. This day will be another day of descend, with some "short" steep hills at the end. Don't worry don't Orlando's son Nelson will be ready to help us in the last section.

3. The land of the Waterfalls

After a fantastic breakfast, (and I say that excited in a way only a Costa Rican could understand), we will be changing directions, instead of keeping south towards La Chaqueta de Diablo will drive out toward Las Tumbas. If Costa Rica is the country of something, it should be the country of.... the waterfalls, and there is a beautiful one we are gonna past this day. But our goal is to get to the Pacific, so after a short section on our bus, we'll finish the day running by the beach towards the place I call home. Dominicalito. *Note: If you translate some of the places names, don't worry is just coincidence 😉 .

4. Making it to the South

We'll so we made it to the ocean, know we'll be going south, to one of the most beautiful parts of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula. Actually I like that are so much that we are going to spend there host by my good friend Emilio in Drake Bay. This day will be about getting there, in a way that's is possible thanks to Sergio's 14 years experience been the Ultra Costal Challenge stage race director, and many days of both of us figuring out a way through.

5. Down the river, no swimming needed

This is the river day, don't worry, this is a perfect river to be runned, at this point Drake, if you ever come to Morocco with us you'll know what we are talking about.
We are going to be visiting our friend Roberto a lot, you'll see why when we get there. 
I bet you're going to love our accomodations in Drake.

6. Celebration day

Corcovado, 3% of worlds biodiversity This day is going to be a summary of the whole expedition. We will run by lonely beaches, single trails, dense forest and waterfalls. Next day we'll be heading back to San Jose, how?

Some questions you might have


What is included in the price?

The cost includes all accommodation, all transfers (not from airport to hotel or hotel airport) , two meals per day, entrance to Reservas and National Parks and any sites visited as part of the itinerary. Experienced leaders along with a local support crew and drivers.


What is excluded?

It does not include personal travel insurance, tips for the guides and local crew (wich are optional), or international departure tax. It also does not include any entrance fees to any optional sites or attractions. We strongly recommend you carry a credit card in case of personal emergency.


What kind of food we will get?

Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fish is always the best option every time we sleep by the see, please do not expect as much variety as you would have access to at home. We will be in rural areas and among people of a different culture who may not understand your requirements, however willing they are to help.


Is this event only for ultrarunners?

No average runners are welcome

Sergio Sanchez

Race director at Coastal Challenge for the last 10 years.

Sergio Sanchez had organized adventure events in multiple locations all over Latin America, he’s known to be the best expert in the area and a former adventure racer.

Sergio is also responsible for the organization all the X-Terra events in Costa Rica and other triathlon events in the area.

Pablo Rodríguez

Also know as the mountain goat, is former professional triathlete who has turned his passion for running into his job. In 2011 he founded Running Costa Brava and later Run The World Adventures in an effort to take running back to it’s origins, as he would say turn it back into a mean of transportation. We’ve lead running adventures in France, Catalonia, Costa Rica and Morocco.  

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