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We have had many journalist running in our Costa Brava adventure, read what they published about us.

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8 pages article about our running adventure

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Running through paradise.

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"A new tour of Spain's rugged Costa Brava coast includes wine tasting, Michelin-starred meals and running a half marathon every day. ...

THE scene before me – all high body counts and ancient towers – would put Game Of Thrones to shame. I’m standing in front of Girona’s Baroque cathedral while a steady stream of Catalans
clamber up my back. visit to the Costa Brava and I’m at the bottom of a six-storey human tower. ‘How did we end up here?’grunts my friend Joe as a small child in a crash helmet plants a foot on his
shoulder. But he knows the answer as well as I do: we ran 56 miles.

Bans, smiles and nods as we pass trails?’ I ask Rodriguez. He shrugs:‘Often I go for long runs on my own. Sometimes the trails are there but made by wild boar and make them bigger with my machete."

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Discover a surprise runner's paradise on the Costa Brava

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