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Our running trips in 2024.

Cristina Moret July 21, 2024

Since 2011


Morocco - Costa Rica - Spain - France

We are Pablo and Cristina. We believe running is the human way of traveling.


4 running destinations

Our running adventures will take you to discover areas like you can only do it by running.


  • Morocco
  • Costa Rica
  • Spain
  • France

Atlas to Sahara, Morocco

Meeting those who live in this area is the main goal of this adventure. No access to Wi-Fi or even electricity for days, no alcohol, no hot water sometimes. Still sound good? You may be one of us!

Nov and Mar


6 days


Running Costa Brava, Spain

This is our dear Running Costa Brava event, the one we’ve been organizing since 2011. Featured in many magazines, this is the product of almost a decade of experience in Catalonia, our home country.

Spring and Fall


7 days


Running Adventure: Pyrenees to Med, France and Spain

We are going to run up to the Mythical Canigó, sacred mountain of the Catalans, traverse the roof of the Pyrenees, and descend into fairytale villages, eating gourmet cuisine and local wines.

June and July


7 days


South Pacific Jungle, Costa Rica

Starting from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica, the famous Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of the Death), and making our way to the Pacific Ocean, through the densest and remotest Costa Rican jungle.

Jan - Feb

$1785 USD

6 days


Why should you join our running vacations?

Because there is passion behind our trips. What we do is our life, and we love it.

Because we are just sharing with you our world, our friends, our family. Because we don't do tourism but something more ancient, that holds more value. We use our legs to travel and also because...


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I am the one working behind the scenes, making sure everything is well prepared for your running trip.

Running vacations destinations

These are the running trips Cristina and Pablo organize since 2011.

Costa Rica - Pacific Jungle

6 days running expedition by the Jungle.

Video Costa Rica

Spain - Costa Brava

7 days running vacation by the the Costa Brava.

Morocco - Atlas to Sahara

6 days crossing the Atlas Mountains towards the Sahara desert.

Pyrenees - France to Spain

Running adventure crossing from France towards the Mediterranean sea.

Pyrenees - France to Spain

Running adventure crossing from France towards the Mediterranean sea.

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