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Pablo Rodriguez FEB 2022

You enter a different mindset when you walk along a trail through a forest, desert, or parkland. The ground, vegetation, elevation changes, and a range of noises and smells are all elements that you are continuously dealing with. In order to be prepared to respond, mind-body activity is increased to a higher level of awareness. 

Moving forward, you're experiencing the present and interacting with the world around you.


The sport of running off paved surfaces is called trail running, to give you the quick answer. The extended response is that trail running is the act of running over a variety of surfaces, including sand, gravel, grass, wood chips, roots, and dirt. Trail running is moving over whatever terrain Mother Nature provides, whether it be across level ground, along rolling hills, up steep climbs, or down bombing descents. 

 "I was a Valley tour guide in Dolomites. On my days off, I'd go on lengthy day walks in the backcountry by myself because none of my friends wanted to travel far. I didn't have any hiking boots, so I wore running sneakers. I frequently found myself running the final few miles in the dust in order to return home before it was dark. I began jogging the those trails on a regular basis by the end of the summer. "

So why Begin Trail Running??

That's a great question, and it might be the most difficult to answer. Don't we each live our lives for different reasons? If you asked all trail runners why we like to run in remote areas, you'd probably get a variety of answers. Some of us trail run to stay in shape and fast for competitions. Some people use trail running to unwind, make time for themselves every day, and boost their self-esteem.

There are so many reasons. It’s superpower that let outside and explore places few had seen in remote locations on the other side of the world, but it can also benefit your running in many ways. Here are a few examples:


Nature coded us to travel along the trail, stopping at various points along the way. Moving is rewarding. As humans we appreciate the gratification of effort in the outdoors. Any run ends with a sense of empowerment, but the feeling has nearly always been stronger after a trail workout.


You will experience various sensations on each run, even if you run the same trail every day. You will develop an excitement for the adventure and the process of discovery if you choose a new trail each week. You can add a few fresh trails to your list of favorites each month. Once you are familiar with the various trail connections, you can combine your favorite loops or out-and-backs to increase the length of time or mileage that you require on any particular day.


Let us be honest. Pavement hammering can be strenuous. Trail running, on the other hand, allows you to embrace your inner child by getting covered in mud and sprinting downhill at the top of your lungs. "Basically," Romulo Silva explains, "it's a lot more fun in the dirt, jumping in puddles, and racing through the forest."


"Running wires connect your serotonin tap to your musculature." "It has a positive cognitive function that we are only now discovering," says Marco Piera, founder of Corriere Due. "Some of our previous clients suffered from depression, and we every so often receive mental health referrals from therapists who recognize the medicinal value of spending time outside."


Softer surface equal fast recovery after a strenuous workout. Turns, elevation changes, and obstacles all contribute to a more balanced, athletic runner. Less repetitive stress from the varied terrain can aid in injury prevention (in other words, trails are less repetitive so you suffer fewer repetitive stress injuries)
Trail running can help you develop your intuitive sense of pace, allowing you to run more accurately by feel. 

Trail running's primary appeals are its simplicity and dynamic nature. Running is a fundamental human motion, one of the first things we learn as toddlers, and it doesn't require much equipment for each outing, adding to its simplicity. The sport, on the other hand, is dynamic because of the variety of environments you'll run in, challenges you'll face along the way, potential wildlife sightings, and other trail users.

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Run the World Adventures 

Our running adventures company had been organizing multiday vacations for runners since 2011.

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An aspirant trail runner does not need to reside in the mountains.
In truth, many cities have excellent trail networks that appeal to and satisfy trail runners of all abilities. A few phone calls or a quick Internet search are all that's needed to locate trails. 

Beginning trail running can be a pain if you live in a big city, but runners who live or work in rural areas will find the prospect of running trails near their home ideal. Start by running on walking paths, along main roads and through open spaces. Don't forget to take a look at our local directory for some great ideas of where to start trail running!

A good technique should help you to run faster, but it should also increase your enjoyment of running and protect you from injury. Running Trails is here to advise you in creating your perfect running rhythm, which will allow you to reach the finish line faster.


It is advisable to follow some rules so that the activity is successful before beginning the practice of the trail at full strength. Get checked out by a doctor first. To ensure proper physical condition, a professional review never hurts. Additionally, because trail running is a sport with frequent changes in pace, the heart rate can quickly move from zero to one hundred. It is advised to purchase a heart rate monitor along with the matching activity watch in order to better manage cardiovascular function. So, in addition to looking after your health, you can use the GPS to record the location and timing of your activity. 

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A good pair of trail running pants that can also double as hiking pants. The most important layer is the second layer. The primary purpose of this layer is to keep you warm and dry. 

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