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Writer and runner Rachel Sturtz has run many races and travel to many destinations throughout her career, but her running adventures last year with Run the World Adventure co-founder, Pablo Rodriguez, merged two of Sturtz’s passions in a whole new way.

Running Travel“Traveling to races is always fun, but comes with trying to stay off your legs before the race, morning-of nervousness and the post-race wobble for the rest of the trip,” says Sturtz. “So when I had the chance to join Pablo to explore the Costa Brava trail, the trip was less about running and more about the blissful high of exploration. Running became a way to get us from one castle to the next. I was never sore, ran at my own pace and left wanting more!”

Read Sturtz’s feature story in the October/November 2014 edition of Running Times entitled, “Have Shoes, Will Travel.”

“Fitness travel has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, but as any well-traveled harrier knows, no race is necessary to explore a country by foot, and there’s ritualistic warmth in pulling out a map over morning coffee,” she writes. “This new breed of travel aims to do the work for you, outfitting you with GPS watches, carrying your gear, feeding you and introducing you to locals.”

And that’s a unifying concept behind Run the World Adventures: to take the work out of vacation planning, organizing and logistics so that you can show up care free and ready to run.

Since all the trips we offer are non-competitive, there’s no pressure to run at a certain pace or finish within a certain timeframe. The relaxed pace allows you to truly sink into “vacation mode” while exploring often remote routes far from the beaten paths that most tourists frequent.

For example, you can choose to follow your guide along unfrequented wooded pathways linking together fishing villages along Spain’s Costa Brava, or pad along dusty ancient footpaths that ring Tanzania’s infamous Mount Kilimanjaro.

You may encounter residents of traditional Mayan villages dotting Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan or end runs with a dip in a steaming hot spring tucked into hidden corners of Iceland’s rolling green landscape.

Whether you choose to vacation with us in Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Tanzania, Spain or Guatemala, your locally based guides share their deep knowledge of not only the trails, but the culture, history and ecology, that by the end of your trip, you know the area better than most native residents.

Free from the confines of a tour bus or walled grounds of a resort hotel, a running vacation allows you to immerse yourself in the landscape, culture and energy of a foreign land in a more genuine and profound way.

Whatever your idea of the ideal running vacation: relaxed, adventurous, rugged or pampered, we have a trip for you.

Learn more about the wide range of trips we offer by requesting our Travel Planner. Enter your name and email into the form at the top of the homepage to have it delivered to your inbox.

By Pablo Rodriguez

Founder of Running Costa Brava and later Run The World Adventures in an effort to take running back to it’s origin.

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