This is why running vacation are not for you

Running Vacation in a river in Costa Rica

By Pablo Rodriguez

This are a few reasons why you should never participate in a running vacation.

Running a marathon at least once is the dream of many among the millions of people around the world who put on their sneakers every day. But is a sport really good for health? Yes, the specialists reply, as long as precautions are taken.

Things I've seen in 11 years of running vacations leader.

After years of designing running adventures in different parts of the world I have realized certain effects a running vacation can have

1. You'll divorce and marry someone who was on the trip.

Running in Costa Rica

Running in Costa Rica.

I have seen people return home only to decide to leave a relationship of years, but breaking up marriages does not make us happy, rather it creates them, as happened at least once in Costa Rica.

2. You'll have a baby

Runners on a Beach in Cap de Creus

Run the World Adventures Guide Pablo Rodriguez 

I would love to meet all the children that exist because their parents decided to take a trip with us.

We once had a runner who got pregnant after years of looking for a baby just after (or during? the husband hasn't there) returning from our adventure in Morocco.

Group of runners
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3. You'll quit your job.

Runner listenning to music

Running ins Costa Rica

The first thing many adventure runners have done when they return home has been quitting their jobs. The changes that an experience like this produces are unexpected

4. You'll join a sect

Dunes Runners

Dunes in Morocco

We will become a family, a gang of hunters, the camaraderie that is created in an adventure like this is only comparable to that of ... no it is not comparable to anything.

5. You'll stop running races.

The Pyrennes

Time means nothing when running through the Pyrennes.

You will realize that it makes no sense to compete in the mountains, or if you participate in a race you will spend the day sitting in every beautiful place to look at the landscape, the others will think that you have gone crazy for not wanting for the 457th place.

6. You are not going to lose weight

Group of Runners

Runners take a dive in Costa Brava, Spain

Food is the center of our adventure, and a runner has to eat, if we don't get to the end, we run to eat the best food without feeling guilty, and whoever says food says many more things.

7. You will be in the best physical shape of your life and that's dangerous.

group of runners in morocco

Running friends making lasting memories at the Atlas Mountains

This is terrible, because you're going to have to keep running with us.
Or you will get lost in the mountains wherever you are.

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