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This is how you can run faster downhill.

Cristina Moret July 21, 2022

When we run through rough terrain, we exert more effort to run uphill, but when we run downhill, we believe it is easier and it is time to relax. However, if we keep a few pointers in mind, we can run a better downhill race and possibly beat some competitors in the next race. Here are some pointers to help you improve your mountain descent technique:

  1. Maintain equilibrium by using your hands. In contrast to when we are ascending or descending, it is not necessary to maintain a normal brace movement when ascending or descending. It may be more useful to agitate the arms according to what is required to maintain balance if we are traveling at high speeds and will assist us if we need to make direction changes.

  2. Strengthening the "core." The abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, and scapula are essential for staying strong and stable, and they will help you improve your balance if you exercise.

  3. To the left, invert the position. When running downhill, we must resist the urge to lean back and instead focus on keeping our entire body perpendicular to the ground. The gravity center will have to advance further as we move faster.

  4. Fear is not helping you, is going to make you fall.


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