Trail Running Adventures rules

This is what we are about.

Pablo Rodriguez, March 31 2019.

We follow this rules, we expect you to do the same.

We've established some ground rules.

We want participants to experience what we did when we first discovered the areas we run through, so don't expect us to tell you everything.

Our rules, our running adventure

After more than a decate of letting running adventures we got to the following list.

Our Costa Rica Expedion

1. Say Hello, Azul, Buenas, Bon dia, Salam.

We have a great deal of respect for the people who live in the jungles, beaches, mountains, and deserts that we pass through. We believe those who join our adventures should feel the same ; people have different ways in different cultures, which we think is pretty cool.

So we use local family accommodations because we run to those places because we like the people there.

This is our Costa Brava event.

2- Embrace the day, if the bar is open, we'll have a beer. If there's a waterfall we go for a swim.

We embrace the moment, we are not a running camp, we are there to enjoy, running is just the best mean of transportation in the places we go by.

3- We do not photograph or give gifts to children.

We basically apply same common rules we expect an stranger to follow with our own kids.

Note:Most important rule is... be flexible.

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