Why join us in running vacation?  

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Fideua in Pals

Runners love food

We invented running vacations

Some people wonder why they should join runtheworldadventures.com for a running adventure.
The answer is simple for us, and It could be because we were the first to invent these holidays and have been doing so for more than ten years, but that is not the case. The answer is because we're so far away from other companies. This is our passion, not our job, we are Pablo and Cristina and we are there, in each adventure running on the terrain.

Running with us is running through our life

This means that as we open our world to you and let you in, we will become friends. When you join up for one of our excursions, you are not a tourist.
As a result, you should join a running adventure because it is so much more. If you are planning a life-time adventure, enjoy running and are interested in learning more about any of our countries, this is without a doubt the website for you! :) It's not that we took you on trails with a guide we hired; it's none of that. 

This trails are just a way to get to places

We educate you about history, culture, gastronomy, local art, wine, and you will even learn some fundamental catalan, spanish and bereber phrases during our running trips.
It is not that we sent you on trails with a guide we hire, no, is nothing of this.
In our running adventures we educate you in terms of history, culture, cuisine, local art, wine and even you will learn basic words in catalan, spanish or bereber.
After 7 days, the running thing will be just a little part of the whole experience.

It's about the people

For some people, adventures in Costa Rica or Morocco have become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's not just the breathtaking environment that makes one ponder; it's also witnessing how other people live. It's also the fact of spending seven days in a row inside nature, getting to know your body and seeing what incredible feats it can accomplish. After this, it's not easy being back in an office for 8 hours a day under artificial light. This is something we have warned you about. Our running trips are a lot; do not expect to arrive, relax for seven days and then forget about it. The adventure will most likely be with you for a long time.

100's of runners before you

As a result, we can tell new runners on their first day, "You don't know it yet, but this is the first country you'll run with runtheworldadventures.com." They chuckle about it and don't seem to care, but we know it's true. Clients from Costa Rica travel to Morocco, those from Costa Brava travel to Costa Rica, and those from Morocco travel to Costa Brava, and so on, in a cycle, until all three destinations are completed. This has been our success

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