Wine running holidays in Spain

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Group of runners enjoying a running holiday.

Costa Brava is the place to be if you enjoy wine and running.

The wine adventure in Spain and the running adventures can be nicely combined. During the 7-day running trip, you will have the opportunity to sample a wide range of wines. Our gourmet identity is based on wine. Wine culture first emerged in the 6th century BC. The Costa Brava area was an important Greek colony, with Emporiare as the principal city and it is from here that L'Empordà was born. Documentary evidence suggests that the location of Emporiare was known to other Roman provinces, and that wine trade was taking place at the time.

Vineyards were planted near abbeys and monasteries throughout the medieval ages.

You will be able to see this in the remaining three days of our runing tour. The Empordà-Costa Brava Designation of Origin for Emporà wines was authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1975. After many years of hard effort, generation after generation, establishing wines of great quality together with laws and standards for production that allow it to compete in the wine market with other DOs. This was a long-awaited official recognition. The figures from the previous year demonstrate an upward tendency in the marketing of l'Empordà wines.

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The wineries haven't slowed down and they're still expanding. Wines from the Empordà region are now exported to more than 50 countries throughout the world. and 3% of the Empordà vines have been producing grapes for over a century and a half. 
As a result, the Costa Brava running adventures we offer, will allow you to discover and learn about all of these wines every night at dinner time. Cheers!

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