Costa Brava, Spain

Run Ancient Paths Along the Mediterranean

Groups from 2 to 12 runners.

7 days expedition

This is our less challange running adventure, .


Our legs will take us from Girona, 100 kms away from Barcelona to a little place very close from France border, next to the sea.
We will sleep every night in amazing little familiar hotels where you would wish to stay there forever. The runs will take an average of 4 hours a day including stops to drink beers and jump into the sea.
An opportunity to get to know the Catalan culture, the famous Medieterranean cuisine, experiencing a Paella, a wine Km 0 or a fish direct from the sea. This is the first running adventure we created and have been running it for already 10 years.




    7 days – 6 nights
    (4 days option)


    6 DAYS


    1.320 EUR


    Check calendar / upon request


    134 Kms approx

So who we are?

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Since 2011 several features have been written about us.

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This is what we do

A small bit of what this is

Expedition Itinerary

4 to 5 hours of running per day

Day 1*

Arrival to the Girona – Ancient city running and crossing Gavarres forest – Sant Marti Vell

18km (470↑)

The first day will start with the discovery of the ancient Girona city, we will run through a maze of narrow streets, churches, and convents.

After surrounding the town running on the top of its medieval wall we will head towards the Gavarres forest, a specially created trail will take us through it, all the way to the village of San Marti Vell. A 20 minutes drive or train will take us back to Girona, and there is a reason for this, we will enjoy a gourmet menu for dinner in a restaurant specially chosen for you.

Day 2

Medieval towns to the 1.000 years old house in the middle of the mountains

28km (340↑|282↓)

From the same location where we ended yesterday, we will cover the rural areas between 7 medieval villages and 2 castles, mainly by flat and not very technical trails.

Our destination point will be Peratallada, a village that seems taken out from a fairy tale, with its medieval streets, pebbles in the floor and stone houses. An old house from XV century will be your place to overnight. Your hosts Felip and Maria Antonia will let you enjoy the familiar cooking and typical food from the zone.

Day 3

From the mountains to the sea

23km (520↑|687↓)

A little drive to deep inside the mountains, from here we will head up to get to Fitor church and from there by small technical trails down to the Mediterranean.

We won’t be seeing the sea until it is just in front of us. From then on we will spend the rest of the day following the coastal line, a trail will take us by fisherman huts, the Dalí hut, and plenty of small virgin beaches and cliffs. You will enjoy probably most spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

We will end the day running trough the Mediterranean village of Calella de Palafrugell, where your hotel in front of the sea will be waiting for us.

Day 4

Lighthouse, cliffs by the coast to Paella Village

Day3 – 20km (592↑|707↓)

From Calella, we will climb up to the Sant Sebastiá lighthouse with spectacular views of the whole Mediterranean, from there we will run by a trail next to the coast passing by some of the most beautiful areas in the whole trip until we got to Tamariu where our famous diving board is. After a refreshing swim we will head inland until getting to Begur a pictorest town with a castle on it’s top, and then after crossing several mountains to the medieval village of Pals, where we will enjoy a local Paella.

Our accommodation tonight will be either a small castle which was once the residence of the inquisition officer in the area, or an Indian building in the middle of Begur.

Day 5

Short day – Getting to Cadaques

12 km (354↑|371↓)

First day in the Cap de Creus, a complete new landscape is waiting.

A short 12km run all along the coast will take us through a completely different landscape area getting at the end of the day to Cadaques. A white isolated villages famouse o host numerous artists like Salavador Dalí or Picasso. Its narrow stone streets will let you feel an special atmosphere.

Day 6

Challenging day – Cadaques, Cap de Creus lighthouse – Dali’s pictures landscape area – Wine Tasting

26 km (1015↑|778↓)

Starting from Cadaques, which happens to be our prefer village, we will run by streets laberint heading to Dalí house in Port Lligat.

From Port Ligat we will take a trail to the most remote area in the Costa Brava the Cap de Creus lighthouse, the most eastern place in the Iberian Peninsula. After a short break we will keep north towards Cala Tavalera bay and then all inland get to top of the highest mountain in the area just to go at the other side of which Perafita Winery will be waiting for us.

Day 7

Perafita Winery – Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery and Neolitic area

19 km (1074↑|1248↓)

Starting from Cadaques, which happens to be our prefer village, we will run by streets laberint heading to Dalí house in Port Lligat.

We’ll start our final day from the winery running downhill to the coastal village of Port de la Selva at the other end of Cap de Creus, following bay it’s north until we find a trail that will take us up to the 12 centuries old Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery. We will finnish running through the whole architectural ensemble including Santa Helena church dated from x century and Vedrera’s castle. 7 running days are now unfortunatel over. Jump into the van and realx. We will transfer you back in Girona.

Pablo and Cristina

Your hosts

Read Runner’s World interview to Pablo.

  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo RodriguezRunning Guide

    Also know as the mountain goat, is former professional triathlete who has turned his passion for running into his job, in 2011 we founded Running Costa Brava and later Run The World Adventures in an effort to take running back to it’s origins, as he would say turn it back into a mean of transportation.

  • Cristina Moret
    Cristina MoretBookings

    Cristina is the brain behind the scenes, she’s the one making sure we got place to sleep and meal to eat after our runs.
    She also assist the group during the run.

Runners reviews

Their experience taking part in this adventure

I can’t say enough about how awesome this Costa Brava trip (2018) was! Each day, you run a different adventure. From the...

Posted by Bret Lang on Thursday, July 18, 2019

My husband and I have done two Run the World Adventures! They were the 2 best vacations we've ever had! Running is the...

Posted by Betsey Goering on Thursday, July 18, 2019

My wife and I did the Run Costa Brava trip. Hands down it was the best vacation we have ever been on.

Posted by Jordan Marchewka on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Run costa bravo simply the most inspiring few days.

Posted by Lindsey Shimmy Abbott on Friday, October 12, 2018

The most incredible experience. Felt like a local, Pablos personalize for our schedule / abilities, and incredible enthusiasm and service. One of the best trips I've ever taken.

Posted by Jojo Reuland on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pablo is a wonderful host. I had the pleasure of being shown the beautiful costa brava in 2013 while we ran some...

Posted by Matt Freeman on Thursday, July 18, 2019

We have done 2 running trips with Pablo Rodriguez; the first was the Costa Brava and then a year or 2 later we did a run...

Posted by Noel Relyea on Thursday, July 18, 2019


More questions?


What’s Included in the price?

The cost includes all accommodation, all transfers (not from airport to hotel or hotel airport) , breakfast, dinners, GPS and tracking devices, local guides and daily luggagge transportation.

What’s Excluded?

It does not include personal travel insurance, lunches and tips for the guides. It also does not include any entrance fees to any optional sites or attractions. We strongly recommend you carry a credit card in case of personal emergency.

What kind of food will I get?

Mediterranean cuisine is known for being the most healthy diet in the world. From fresh meat to fresh fish, pasta, plenty of olive oil an good wines.
If you know there are plenty of foods you cannot eat you may wish to bring extra snacks from home so you can top up your energy supply. Being vegetarian, vegan or having other dietary requirements is not usually a problem as far as you let us know well in advance. You are welcome to bring your own energetics bars if you are used to them or feel you would need them.

Can I bring as much luggage as I want?

Your luggage has to be moved every day in the van. Once in the hotel you will need to move it to your room, as the hotel we use are very little, they normally don’t have a lift but stairs. Please be aware of that. Also, space is in the van is limited so we say maximum 1 suitcase/backpack per runner. In case you keep travelling after the adventure and you need to bring more luggage, let us know and we can keep it during the week. You should also bring a small camel bag with you every day to place your water, mobile phone, sun cream or whatever you think you will need while running.

What’s the accommodation like?

We love little places run by locals, that’s the only type of accommodation we use together with homemade food will make you feel like home.

I’m a single runner, is there an up-charge?

Yes, our prices are based in double – triple occupancy room. In case of singles, there’s a 50 euros/night supplement.


The adventure


 What type of terrain can I expect?

When we opened the route, if we had something in mind, that was avoiding pavement as much as possible. We are proud to say 98% of the terrain you will run is trails.

Which kind of clothing & equipment do I need?

Normal running gear, depending on the time of the weather, summer gear or warmer. Please pack sunblock, especially in May, June and September. Once in destination every day, you don’t need any fancy clothes at all!  flip flops, shorts and t-shirts will make it. Don’t forget the swimming costume, sunglasses if you need them and your camelback.
There won’t be laundry service for the 7 days.


Everyone should have some blister plasters and little first aid kit to help you with any problem in the hotel.

Energetic food and others

We have breakfast in the morning and the next time we eat is for lunch when the running is finished. Some runners need to eat while running, if that’s your case, please bring your own energetic bars, nuts, pocket money or whatever you think you may need.

What’s the weather like?

It much depends on the month, should be nice and sunny most of the time. You can always check it out before arriving.

Is there a minimum fitness level required in order to join the adventure?

This is a running adventure, so we need you to be a runner. Not a super runner but one who has maybe run a half marathon or go for a ling runs twice or three times per week.

Again and again we remind you this is not a race.

In la Costa Brava, as a very safety zone, we tend runners to run at their own pace. That’s why if we have different levels in the same group, then we provide GPS to those fasters or slowers.

Do we start the adventure on day 1?

Yes, early in the morning, that’s why we strongly recommend sleeping the night before in Girona. Those runners who decide to arrive the same morning should know that departing time is what is and we can not have another group of people waiting for those who have not arrive for any delay on trains, traffic or whatever.


We encourage you to tip your guides if you feel you have received excellent service and have had an enjoyable trip.

The Country

The currency

The official currency in Catalonia is euros.
Dollars are not accepted in the country. We recommend you to have cash in euros for your little drinks when we stop while running. Try to exchange them in the airpot, thats the easiest way. Aside from lunches, there are no required additional expenses for this trip, but you might like to take cash for such things as souvenir shopping or nightlife. Credit cards are accepted almost in everywhere and ATM’s will be at your disposal in Girona.

Passport & Visa

A valid passport is essential; it should be valid for at least six months after return from Spain. There’s is currently no visa requirement for USA or European citizens.
Citizens from other countries could require a visa. For more information, please contact your local embassy or passport office.


We only need you to have had a Tetanus injection in the last ten years.


Only a few, we don’t want to ruin the surprise


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