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Pablo and Cristina explain everything about their trips

What is a running tour?

An adventure lasting several days known as a "Running Tour" involves spending each day in a different location while exploring a territory using running as a mode of transportation.

Running Article about our running adventures

Trail runner magazine article about our running tour in the Costa Brava.

What is excluded from a running tour?

It does not include personal travel insurance, lunches and tips for the guides. It also does not include any entrance fees to any optional sites or attractions. We strongly recommend you carry a credit card in case of personal emergency.


6 days running adventure in the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert in Morocco

Can I bring as much luggage as I want?

In the van, your belongings will be transferred daily. Due to the small size of the hotels we frequent, there is usually no elevator available for guest usage. That's important to keep in mind. Since there is only so much room in the van, we ask that each runner bring no more than one bag.

Let us know if you'll need us to store any more bags throughout the week if you plan on doing any further traveling following the excursion. Every day, bring a small camel bag with you to carry your water, phone, sunscreen, and anything else you may need while running. 

The accommodation

In order to really experience the warmth and hospitality of a place, we only stay at small, locally-owned inns where the hosts prepare delicious, hearty meals from scratch.

Single runners

Our rates assume a minimum of two people per room. 

There is an additional charge of 50 Euros per night for single guests.


Everyone in the hotel should have some blister patches and a small first-aid kit in case something goes wrong.


Running itinerary in Costa Rica

Food and others

We eat breakfast in the morning, and then we don't eat again until lunch, when we're done running. Some runners need to eat while running. If this is you, please bring your own energy bars, nuts, pocket money, or whatever you think you might need.

Will I be safe during a running tour??

Absolutely yes, the obligation of taking care of yourself does not disappear simply because you have signed up for a running tour. If one wishes to continue on to the next day, it is necessary to take care of oneself and be concerned about one's own well-being, even if I have no doubt that there are guides in the area who are keeping an eye on them for you.

Is there a minimum fitness level required?

Because this is a running adventure, we need that you be able to run.

Not a very fast runner, but someone who has completed at least a half marathon and goes for long runs two or three times a week.

We cannot stress this point enough: this is not a competition of any kind.

Do we start on day one?

Yes, quite early in the morning; for this reason, we highly propose resting at the location of the meeting place the night before the event. Those runners who plan to come the same morning should be aware that the departure time is set in stone, and we cannot afford to have another group of individuals wait for those who have not yet arrived, regardless of whether the delay was caused by traffic, trains, or anything else.


If you believe that you have gotten outstanding service and have had a good time on your vacation, we strongly suggest that you tip your tour guides.

The Costa Brava runners

Running group arriving to the Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery

Group sizes

The size of a group in a running tour is in between 4 to 16 runners


The distance are in between 15 to 30 km depending of the event type.

What to do after you choose one running adventures company?
Start training: One thing is for sure, at the end of your running tour you'll be in very good shape, but why not get in shape before so you can enjoy it more. 

How to choose the right running tour?

Choosing a running tour is not a simple task because you have to take a number of different considerations into account:

Running vacations pictures

Pablo and Cristina are founders of this running tours company.

1. Who are they, who's behind the running tours company?

A person, or family who is directly involved in the initiative must be behind a Running Tour.

2. How long have they been organizing running tours?

According to my experience, when developing a Running Tour, every new group presents an opportunity for improvement. I always try new things, and after years, I manage to come up with something that works almost perfectly.

3. Are they locals?

Making a trip with a local company is always a better option. There are many reasons for this, but for me, the most important one is that your money will be spent in the place you are going, and who better to teach a place than someone who can say, "This is the school where my kids go" or "This is where my grandfather lives."

4. Are their prices reasonable?

In my experience, many international big businesses charge exorbitant prices for subpar services. A higher price does not always imply a better service. I really believe that finding a trustworthy local business is best.

5. What those previews runners say about them?

This, in my opinion, is the finest approach to get to know the running tour company, the participants in the previous running tours.

6. Who are their running guides?

Check their staff background, the team leaders are the ones who really matter in a running trip.

7. Why do you want to join a running tour?

If you are going on a running tour for the sole aim of getting some exercise, you don't need to go very far. This will result in a significant increase in your thriftiness. Find a local or regional running tour and sign up for it. You could end up saving money, not to mention time and money on flight tickets.

8. Is the tour meeting your expectations?

Check to see that the running tour meets up to your expectations, whether that be that it will boost your training or that, at the very least, it will have improved your brand, your running skill, or your physical form. If it does, then you have nothing to worry about.


The first thing that you need to bear in mind is that a running trip is not like a conventional holiday in which people relax and indulge in delicious cuisine. Because embarking on a running trip requires a significant amount of effort on your part, you should be well aware of your long-term objectives.

People from other cultures have different ways of doing things, and we think that's really interesting. Those that join our trips are likely to have an open mind and be willing to learn new things. Because of this, we choose to stay with local families wherever possible, since the presence of familiar faces is one of the primary draws of the areas in question.


The Canigò mountain is the symbol of the Catalan people and our running destination

People who live in the jungles, on the beaches, in the mountains, and in the deserts that we pass through inspire a great deal of respect in us.

Since we began operating in this manner, more than a decade has passed. First, we pursue our passions and then hunt for others who share our interests. Our goal is to always go from point A to point B while experiencing a location in a manner that can only be achieved by running.

No matter how much money a person is willing to spend on a running vacation, they will never come close to matching the experience that we have planned for our running groups. We are only demonstrating our way of life to them.

Running adventures pictures

The people we meet in our running adventures are sacred to us.

Training advice for a running tour. 

What are the objectives of my running training?

To develop a strong running endurance base that will allow you to cross long distances with few problems or injuries.

To gain enough endurance to run a five or six stage event day after day
The amount of run training you need will depend on what your base fitness level is, and what level you want to be at when you start the running tour.

A simple rule of thumb for a running tour might be that prior to the event, you should be able to:

Do a long continuous run of 3 to 4 hours run (say 80% of the longest stage of your running tour)

Run two long runs on consecutive days

Running adventures pictures

Leading a running expedition in the jungle

4 running tours 

Our running locations will lead you on an adventure to experience a region in a way that can only be accomplished by running.

Running Vacations featured by TrailRunner Magazine
Runners by the Mediterranean Sea the Costa Brava

Atlas to Sahara


We run is to meet the people who live in this region; nevertheless, you won't have access to WiFi or even power for many days, and there won't always be alcoholic beverages or hot water. It's possible that you are one of us!           

Runners in the Costa Brava

Running Costa Brava 


This is the Running Costa Brava event that we've been planning since 2011, and it's one of our favorites! This is the result of about a decade's worth of experience in Catalonia, which is where we call home, and it has been featured in a number of periodicals.

Running adventure in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees to Med 

France & Spain

We are going to run up to the Mythical Canigó, which is a holy mountain for the Catalans. After that, we are going to climb the top of the Pyrenees and drop into enchanted towns, where we will dine on gourmet food and drink local wines.

Running vacations by a river in Costa Rica

South Pacific Jungle 

Costa Rica

Starting from one of the highest mountains in Costa Rica, the well-known Cerro de la Muerte (also known as the Mountain of Death), and making our way to the Pacific Ocean by means of the most thick and secluded parts of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Why should you join our running tours?

Who is behind our running trips why it matters?

There are others who question why they should sign up for a running trip with

Our response is straightforward, and it's not just because we've holding these event for over a decade and thought of them first. 

This is what we love to do, not what we are paid to do; we are Pablo and Cristina, and we are there for each exciting expedition.

Our running tours are not just a business, they are our life, and we will share it with you.

The meals

We run just to get hungry

Incredible, right? This neighborhood is home to no less than 16 restaurants that have earned the coveted Michelin star. The Costa Brava region is home to two of the top nine restaurants in the world.

The cities

The beautiful city we call home.

Girona is a stunning city, full of history and natural beauty thanks to its long and illustrious past (it was established almost 2,000 years ago).

The towns

Cadaques, Begur, Pals...

The scenery is so exquisite that you may think it was designed by a mastermind. There should be a spot for every town.

The locations

Crystal clear water

This is the epitome of the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. Girona, Spain, is home to some of the country's most beautiful beaches and coastline.

Our expertise

Hundreds of runners before you

Even after ten years in development, Running: Costa Brava is still not complete; rather, it undergoes steady, incremental improvement with each passing month.

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